About Us

Founded in 1954 the Trans-Atlantic Import Company has been providing the North American market place with world class plumbing fixtures for a long time. Since 1954 Trans-Atlantic Import Company has taken great pride in providing the highest level of quality in both the products we offer and in the level of care we treat each and every customer with.
Oldfashionfaucets.com has been Trans-Atlantic Import Company's internet presence for the past 20+ years. The website had previously remained unchanged for many years but always provided our customers with the information they needed at the click of a button.
We have now set out with a new mission to be North America's online version of the plumbing store your grandparents and great grandparents patronized 50 or 100 years ago.  We will be continuing our long tradition of providing the best quality products and even better quality of care when dealing with our team. In doing so we aim to provide you access to the old fashion using the most current means and methods.