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est. 1954

Founded in 1954, family owned and operated Old Fashion Faucets (Trans-Atlantic Import Company) has a rich history of bringing some of the world’s finest plumbing fixtures to the North American household.  In our 65+ years of existence we have grown within the plumbing industry and have tailor made our product catalog to include products proven to have lasting quality and design over a long period of time.

The main focus of our catalog is to provide our customers an opportunity to relive moments from their past by igniting a design inspired nostalgic flame to their plumbing project.  Our selection features products inspired by those fixtures from the late 1800’s to mid-century 1950’s and 60’s. Our product selection includes exposed tub fillers, old style cross & lever handles, ceramic & porcelain accents, beautifully finished exposed supply & waste fixtures, exposed shower curtain rings, single handle faucets from the 40’s & 50’s, a truly 1950’s inspired collection called Apollo, and much more.

We take a tremendous amount of pride in the design of our selection, but take an even greater amount of pride in the quality of our products.  We stand behind every product we supply 100%.  Our collection consists of products that have truly weathered the test of time, and we can say with great confidence that you won’t find a better product on the market.

The final and most important core value of Old Fashion Faucets is our attention to you, the customer.  Our mission is to be the present-day version of the plumbing store your grandparents and great grandparents patronized 50 or 100 years ago.  Every interaction with our customers must come with the highest level of customer service imaginable.

We thank you for making the choice to use Old Fashion Faucets, and hope you enjoy what we have to offer.