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Gioira & Redi

Art. 10r


Vintage tub-filler (Art. 10) with shower tube, shower head (Art. 2150), and wall support.

The APOLLO collection is rooted in the 1950’s, a booming and significant decade of world history and design.  

Art. 555

Art. 9601

Art. 9650

Art. 97R

Art. 97M

Swivel Unions for adjustable centers 3”-9”

Pillars for deck mount application

For freestanding faucet 31.5” tall, without valves

For freestanding faucet (with shut off valves) 31.5” tall

For freestanding faucet (with shut off valves) 37.5” tall


  • Art 10 faucet body
  • 3/4"F x 3/8"F adapter nut
  • 62" tall shower tube (5/8" OD)
  • Art. 2150 shower head
  • 24" x 54" curtain frame (3/4" OD)
  • 10"L wall support with hardware
  • 30"L ceiling support with hardware