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Art. 400s54


Vintage tub-filler (Art. 400) with shower tube, shower head (Art. 2150), and 24" x 54" curtain frame. 

The PACIFICA collection’s timeless style and quality are paired with economy. All items in this collection are truly affordable vintage luxury. This collection also features ultimate customization by providing all 8 handle options for each Article

Cross Handle


Optional Lever Handle



  • Art 400 faucet body
  • 3/4"F x 3/8"F adapter nut
  • 62" tall shower tube (5/8" OD)
  • Art. 2150 shower head
  • 24" x 54" curtain frame (3/4" OD)
  • 10"L wall support with hardware
  • 30"L ceiling support with hardware

Mounting Options:

Art. 555

Art. 9601

Art. 9650

Art. 97R

Art. 97M

Swivel Unions for adjustable centers 3”-9”

Pillars for deck mount application

For freestanding faucet 31.5” tall, without valves

For freestanding faucet (with shut off valves) 31.5” tall

For freestanding faucet (with shut off valves) 37.5” tall